What a shame

The analogue photography blogger grumpykepix from UK was so kind to send me one of his FED cameras without any complications or promises. On his expenses.. After I received the package (August 2013)… Continue reading

It went all wrong

Last weekend the most  unfortunate bike tour in history of bike touring took place somewhere in south-east Austria. Departure place: Vienna, Austria. Destination: Sopron, Hungary. Distance: about 90 km. Doable for a day-long… Continue reading

Quella sera

Camera Lubitel 2 | Film Lomography ISO 50-200 | Home | Toma, Jonathan, Bea, Miroslava

July Morning

1st of July is a very special date for us Bulgarians. And I really love talking about it. It’s one of the coolest tradition originating from the past several decades or more specifically… Continue reading

Redifine God in something that you want

We’ll find God in our lover’s arms. We’ll redefine God as something that we want. ‘Cause we’re not afraid of dying. We’re afraid of one day never to die. You set your heart… Continue reading

Before the wedding

  The list of all my acquaintances, old classmates, neighbors etc, who got or is about t get married is getting longer every month. When I was 21 the stories about weddings started… Continue reading

Show me the way

…to the next wine yard Camera Lubitel 2 | Film Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400| Kahlenberg, Vienna | Miroslava, Me

Blue grapes

  Camera Lubitel 2 | Film Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400| Kahlenberg, Vienna

Look me in the eye

  Being the one behind the camera brings the disadvantage of being rarely photographed, especially when it comes to analogue photography when you have to take your time explaining to the photographing person… Continue reading

Somewhere I belong II

I adore my country. I hate my country. I escaped my country. *** I’ve seen wonderful lands. I’ve lived in wonderful lands. I’ve left from wonderful lands. . I remember home. I dream… Continue reading