About me

Hello all,my name is Tsvetina and I am an impassioned fan of analogue photography. I rediscover the analogue world in the summer of 2011, when a friend showed me his newest photos made in Sofia, Bulgaria, with Zenit E. Then I told myself “Hey you have the same “Brick” lying in a dark corner in the wardrobe at home. Why don’t you go for it?” So that’s what I actually did.

Taking photos with my good old Zenit 11 is an honorable experience, because this heavy camera has witnessed my childhood through its lens and it’s carrying priceless memories under its lid. My love for it exploded into curiosity for trying out different opportunities the analogue world offers. So despite of numerous discouraging failures, especially at the beginning, I am still in the middle of this analogue sea, motivated to understand its complexity.Ts

About the Blog

As I keep reading, I amaze myself how great variety of things there is out there, which you can do with film: multiple exposures, long exposures, film cooking, home development, split images, pinholes, swaps  and so on. That’s why I’d like to try all (or at least most) of these and to share them through this blog with the the world, step by step and armed with a bag full with patience. I’d like also to offer my friends a possibility to show their photos, because they are not less talented or inspired than me and believe me, they have plenty to show.

Since I insist on keeping the analogue character of this blog, all the photos you see in it are not digitally enhanced and are made through the lens of analogue cameras (some of them being plastic cameras as well as classic vintage cameras).


More short facts about me:

  • I come from Shumen, Bulgaria
  • I graduated from Bachelor in Economics and Management in Bolzano-Bozen in South Tyrol (geographically in Italy) and from Master’s in Economics in Vienna
  • I live currently in Vienna, Austria
  • I’m 27 years old
  • If you write me in German, Italian, Russian or French, don’t doubt I can reply back:D
  • I’m struggling with the costs of analogue photography on a daily basis
  • I was an intern at Lomography, Vienna
  • Before starting shooting analogue I was told I suck at making photos (I had a digital 90-euro-pocket camera and I still suck at making photos with such cams).
  •  If you are interested in my qualifications unrelated with analogue photography, you can visit me on LinkedIn


Since the photographer is rarely in front of the camera, the sad truth is that I have quite few photos of myself, here I am providing a small compilation of those :)