Should I look East, should I look West

Should I look left, should I look right Should I look around or should I look through Should I look at all or should I just see Should I stare or should I… Continue reading

How Australia came to Austria

She came carrying the whole Brisbane’s sun in her little ladder purse. In her suitcases she packed her smile her life philosophy her talent her bravery a few of her stylish retro-looking dresses,… Continue reading

Go into business with a grizzly bear

Sarah went into business with a grizzly bear in a Dalmatian skin :D Sarah, we love him :)) Film Lomography LomoChrome Turquoise XR ISO 100-400 | Camera Pentax ME |   England |Sarah, Max

Bernhard Blues

If I wasn’t me, I can be sure I’d wanna be I’m pretty major and I’ll say it out loud Ha ha, funny me, life of the party, VIP Got so much flavor,… Continue reading

Ние всички сме виновни / We’re all guilty

For English version, please scroll down. Малко ме интересуват историите за терористичните атаки, малко ме интересуват историите за имигранти, не ме интересува кой знае колко смъртта на Дейвид Боуи, нито пък ме интерсува… Continue reading

Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue

Happy New Year, dear friends! I wish you an inspiring and exciting 2016 – purple as “LomoChrome Purple”, red as Redscale, yellow as X-Pro and blue as LomoChrome Turquoise!!! I started the new… Continue reading

Shady background

  Film Lomography Lady Grey ISO 400 | Camera Lubitel 2 | Donauinsel, Vienna | Austria | Toma, Bernhard

October in numbers and figures

12 monute-delay on average 12 romantic moments 12 amazing friends 12 missed opportunities to get up before 8 o’clock. 6 evenings spent in tears 6 hours accumulated time running in the Viennese underground… Continue reading

Let the light win

Light versus darkness. Angels versus demons. The voice telling you to risk and change versus the voice convincing you the presence is not that bad. The part in you wanting to go home… Continue reading

Please, learn to be an egoist

Please, learn to be an egoist! No, being an egoist is not a bad thing. It’s actually essential. Look at me – I’m a happy egoist! While you have never been egoistic. But… Continue reading