Clouds over Vienna

Camera Canon EOS 300| Film Lomography Redscale ISO 50-200 | Vienna, Schonbrunn palace |

“Two lubitels, two countries, two friends” production presents: mystic purple film swap

It feels so nice when your friends share your passion for a specific hobby. I met my friends Sarah and Bernhard when I worked at the headquarters of Lomography in Vienna, where we… Continue reading

Vita notturna

To the mystic city which hosts me.   Camera Zenit 11| applying Marumi Cross Screen 49mm filter | Film Lomography Redscale ISO 50-200 | Vienna

A WWII bunker offers the best view over Vienna

There are plenty of buildings and objects around Vienna which remind the peaceful citizens of one of the best cities for living in the world of that dark war years. Among the most… Continue reading

Merry Christmas and a Jelly New Year

Merry Christmas and a Jelly New Year 2015 to all good people I know and those who I’d like to know in the blogging space! Be as free and flexible as those jelly… Continue reading

Blue is the warmest colour II

  Camera Canon QL 17 | Film DM Paradise ISO 200 | Maslinica/Solta, Croatia

Blue is the warmest colour

    I make reference to the 3-hour long Palme d’Or winner of 2013, which rocked my world in many ways. I wouldn’t say “most of all because of…”but rather “also because of”… Continue reading

My entry to #bwchallenge

As I just wrote on facebook, I’d like to thank Fookshit for the nomination to #bwchallenge, according to which everybody should post B&W photos  for 5 days in a row. I got excited… Continue reading

Austria vs Croatia in a galactic multiple exposure battle

When I went out of the photo shop I did what I always do – as soon as I make the first step outside the shop I take out the film and I… Continue reading

Golden Brown II

Camera Lomography Spinner 360| Film Lomography Redscale ISO 50-200 | Croatia, Solta/Brac/Hvar | Song The Stranglers – Golden Brown