October in numbers and figures

12 monute-delay on average 12 romantic moments 12 amazing friends 12 missed opportunities to get up before 8 o’clock. 6 evenings spent in tears 6 hours accumulated time running in the Viennese underground… Continue reading

Let the light win

Light versus darkness. Angels versus demons. The voice telling you to risk and change versus the voice convincing you the presence is not that bad. The part in you wanting to go home… Continue reading

Please, learn to be an egoist

Please, learn to be an egoist! No, being an egoist is not a bad thing. It’s actually essential. Look at me – I’m a happy egoist! While you have never been egoistic. But… Continue reading

In the back seat of my mind

I might seem a brave person but I often question my actions. I was told I am bold because I don’t hesitate making tough decisions. And honestly I’d rather suffer form the consequences… Continue reading

El condor pasa

The condor passed over the mountain where my spiritual adventure began this August. Although I spent 20 hours on Rila mountain in Bulgaria instead of 6 days as planned, this trip made me… Continue reading

Happy birthday to the second coolest leo in the world!!!

Happy birthday to my lovely evil friend!! I love the way you bring such coolness…   …such passion…   …such style… …and such laughter in our lives!!   From the bottom of my… Continue reading

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way

My friend Evelyn (on the photos) introduced me to this powerful wisdom as well as to the power of this wisdom. Evelyn and I spent our craziest 4 student years in our lives… Continue reading

Last notes on Rome

I know I shouldn’t live in the past and since it’s been already two months since I visited Rome, I guess I shouldn’t be posting about it now, in June. But there are… Continue reading

Oh, momentary synergy

Camera Lubitel 2 | Film Lomography X-Pro 120mm | Roma | Italy | Me | Title inspired by Arctic Monkeys My Propeller

La grande bellezza di Roma II

A Lubitel and a X-Pro film could not have hidden a nicer surprise than these photos! This heavy old Russian friend and that unpredictable X-Pro could not have captured my feeling of seeing… Continue reading