Blue is the warmest colour II

  Camera Canon QL 17 | Film DM Paradise ISO 200 | Maslinica/Solta, Croatia

Blue is the warmest colour

    I make reference to the 3-hour long Palme d’Or winner of 2013, which rocked my world in many ways. I wouldn’t say “most of all because of…”but rather “also because of”… Continue reading

My entry to #bwchallenge

As I just wrote on facebook, I’d like to thank Fookshit for the nomination to #bwchallenge, according to which everybody should post B&W photos  for 5 days in a row. I got excited… Continue reading

Austria vs Croatia in a galactic multiple exposure battle

When I went out of the photo shop I did what I always do – as soon as I make the first step outside the shop I take out the film and I… Continue reading

Golden Brown II

Camera Lomography Spinner 360| Film Lomography Redscale ISO 50-200 | Croatia, Solta/Brac/Hvar | Song The Stranglers – Golden Brown  

Golden brown

Every time just like the last On her ship tied to the mast To distant lands Takes both my hands Never a frown with Golden Brown Never a frown With Golden Brown  … Continue reading

Sunday delirium II

    Sunday summer delirium will soon turn into busy autumn study sessions…I am always sad on the last day of summer..   Camera FED 3 | Film Lomography X-PRO ISO 200 |… Continue reading

What a shame

The analogue photography blogger grumpykepix from UK was so kind to send me one of his FED cameras without any complications or promises. On his expenses.. After I received the package (August 2013)… Continue reading

It went all wrong

Last weekend the most  unfortunate bike tour in history of bike touring took place somewhere in south-east Austria. Departure place: Vienna, Austria. Destination: Sopron, Hungary. Distance: about 90 km. Doable for a day-long… Continue reading

Quella sera

Camera Lubitel 2 | Film Lomography ISO 50-200 | Home | Toma, Jonathan, Bea, Miroslava